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Educating Your Child Abroad – a Parent Survey conducted by Sakal in partnership with SIMACES International Interdisciplinary Training Centre (SIILC)

Studying abroad has become all the rage these past few decades. As of early 2021, more than a million Indian students study across the globe outside India. The United States of America, Canada, Germany, Australia and Italy are some of the most sought after options for higher education.

Have you, as a parent, considered sending your child abroad for higher education, be it Masters or for a Bachelor’s course? Or are you in the midst of prepping your child for the same? If the answer is a yes, we would love to hear some more details from your side in our survey, conducted by Sakal Media Group and SIILC.

To participate, please fill the form given below,

Abroad education
Would you send your child abroad?
Would this be for bachelors or for masters?
Would you be interested in exposing your child to western education (for instance, USA standard) before they leave India?
If doing course credits in India that could save money is an option, would you be interested?