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Data Science Preparatory Bootcamp

Boost your skills and gain a valuable career opportunity in data science by attending this Bootcamp


1 Month

Mode of Delivery

Online Self-paced + Live



12,500/- plus GST

Courses Start Date

15th January 2023


1 Month

Mode of Delivery

Online + Live


Rs 12,500/- Plus GST

Courses Start Date

15th January 2023

Programme Overview

APG Learning has been working towards up-skilling of professionals and farmers through various short and long-term courses. APG Learning has offered 250+ courses in various areas that cover technical skills, forward linkage opportunities, backward linkages, entrepreneurship and exports. At APG Learning, we run some of the most in-demand employability-related courses in the fields of technology, agriculture, management, and allied subjects.

Launch your career in the field of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Join this highly in-demand industry vetted preparatory Bootcamp on Data Science & AI engineering. Be a part of this tailor-made Bootcamp to accelerate your career towards becoming an industry certified Data Scientist.

CAMP stands for Content Assignments Masterclass Projects completely contributed by the industry.


Our training content is contributed and vetted by industry leaders. You are readily equipped with the latest industry tools. Case studies and applications on trending topics


You will get access to various current (‘as-is’) problems faced by the industry. This will provide contemporary industry exposure as part of the curriculum


Industry always plans for future on innovative products and services to stay competitive in the market. You will havefirst-hand experience as an extended resource on various forecasted projects.


Intuitive and interactive live sessions by eminent industry experts.

How will you benefit

Brush-up the prerequisites to learn AI. (Maths, Stats, Python, Optimization)

Understand all the concepts of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analysis.

Manage the change involved in shifting toward an AI-driven business.

Apply these concepts with the latest tools, platform to build end to end models and solutions.

Through Design thinking apply your new skills to solve case studies across verticals.

On successful completion of Preparatory AI Bootcamp will make students eligible to become an Azure/Google/AWS Certified AI Engineer.

Build innovative AI applications with the strong foundation of our course and become an in-demand AI professional.

Why apg learning

It is no secret that the demands of the workplace are changing every day. Whether it’s adapting to a remote or offline setting, building more diverse, equitable, or finding a new way to enhance productivity, working in a state of constant flux is now accepted and expected. To excel in the new-age corporate setup, the necessity for new recruits to showcase multi-disciplinary skills is a need of the hour.

With the constant evolution of industry requirements, training content, faculty, and infrastructure; that does not meet the expected needs, and hence industries talk about ‘Lack of Talent.’ This gap in lack of quality training and ever changing industry requirements directly affects the productivity of recruits and professionals. To solve this problem, we at APG Learning have established an industry-centric training formula called CAMP.

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence Duration
Pre- Requisites
Introduction to AI & Nature of Intelligence
02 Hours
Mathematics of Machine Learning
  • Linear Algebra
  • Multivariate Calculus
10 Hours
Statistics and Probability for Data Scientists
10 Hours
Python Programming Language
10 Hours
Algorithms and Data Structure
  • Graph Theory: Basic Concepts and Algorithms
  • Algorithmic Complexity
  • Data Structures
5 Hours
Main Program
Exploratory Data Analysis & Feature Engineering
  • Data Exploration And Preprocessing
  • Feature Engineering
Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Learning from Data
  • Introduction to Bayesian Learning
Supervised Machine Learning
  • Classification Algorithms
  • Dealing with Skewed Class Distribution and Cost-based Classification
  • Regression
  • Survival Analysis
  • Ensemble Models
  • Neural Networks and Introduction to Deep Learning
  • Time Series Forecasting
Case Studies
  • Network Intrusion detection
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Image Classification
  • Predictive Text Generation
  • Customer Lifetime Modelling
  • Churn Prediction
  • Speech synthesis
  • Named Entity Extraction
  • Car navigation Diagnosis
Assessment Exam, Project Submission Theory + Lab
Tools & Platform
Python, R
Covered in the Labs

How to apply

Eligibility Criteria

Should have basic knowledge of Python Programming language, AI, ML and Mathematics.


Participants should have invested the mentioned number of hours into the pre-requisites before joining the program. A prior assessment test will conducted to validate the student’s eligibility criteria.

Admission Process

  • Step 1 – Participants click on Apply Now.
  • Step 2 – Participants will have to fill the online application form, and submit the signed form.


Data science is mainly about figuring out trends and patterns based on statistics and jumbled data. You will be introduced to the basics of statistics, probability, from Python to Machine Learning & more. Expand your career horizon by adopting data science practices in various organizations. This preparatory bootcamp will make you eligible to begin your career in the field of Data Science from the scratch.

On successful completion of Preparatory Bootcamp, learners will be eligible to opt for specialization as a Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, AI Engineer.

AI preparatory Bootcamp will commence on 15th April 2022

This is a self-paced preparatory Bootcamp with live interaction with qualified Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistant (TA’s) work with the tutors to help students with their live assignments and projects. They answer students doubts via chat and video call. You would interact with TA’s regularly outside of the live-class sessions to get hands-on problem-solving experience

Anyone who is pursuing or freshly completed Graduation in a Non-IT and Non-CSE stream.

Data Science preparatory bootcamp will be for 60 days.