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Term and Conditions

The below mentioned terms and conditions will be applicable to all the participant/s seeking or having taken admission to the courses being conducted at APG Learning. All the participant/s is/are requested to go through the same in detail and make yourself familiar with them.

In case of any specific course related term and condition pertaining to the admission, the same shall be communicated to the participant separately at the time of admission. The breach of any terms and condition by the participant will may result in punitive action and/or cancellation of admission and/or legal action and/or initiation of other  appropriate action as may be deemed fit by the management of APG Learning.

  1. The course fee charged covers only the cost of training, courseware, certification and food if provisioned for
  2. The fee payment schedule as prescribed for the course has to be adhered to mandatorily by all participants. The participant agrees to pay an amount of Rs. 100/- per day as late fee charges to APG Learning for each instance of non-adherence to the prescribed payment schedule.
  3. In case of any non-adherence to the prescribed fee schedule by the participant, apart from the levy of late fee charges, the APG Learning Management team reserves the sole right to cancel the admission of the participant.
  4. Course Fee once paid is non-refundable under any circumstances. However the participant will be allowed to take the same course at future date with APG Learning and the fee already received will be transferred accordingly. The participant can choose to enroll for a different program with a higher course fee and pay the difference of fee. The request for such a change should be sent on to support@apglearning.inwith a request for approval.
  5. APG Learning reserves the right to modify the course structure, duration, schedule, location, syllabus / content, faculty, timings, support, facilitation activities, methodology of delivery, evaluation criteria as applicable, etc. for the betterment of the course.
  6. In case a participant performs or undertakes any act that violates the general code of conduct in a professional environment then the management reserves the right to take any appropriate action that it deems fit. The decision of the APG Learning management in this case will be final and binding.
  7. Any form of communication with regards to any context will have to be made in writing and mailed to support@apglearning.in. Only communication received via email on the provided mail address will be deemed to be received.
  8. For courses leading to certification, the participant is required to mandatorily follow all guidelines as prescribed under the course, failure to do so will lead to the participant not being certified. The decision of APG Learning management will be final and binding.
  9. An admission is deemed to be complete only when the participant has paid the fee as prescribe in the course one has enrolled in. The fee can be remitted in cash / via electronic transfer or by cheque/ demand draft drawn in favor of Sakal International Learning Center, payable at Pune. The fee remitted by cheque or demand draft will be considered as received only upon the realization of the instrument. Thus participants using cheque or demand draft as mode of payment are advised to submit the same 4 working days prior to the start date of the course in which one wishes toenroll.
  10. In case instrument received by APG Learning is not honored, the APG Learning Management reserves the sole right to take appropriate steps it deems fit to make good of the applicable bank charges and/or administrative cost and other cost as applicable from the participant.
  11.  By providing mobile number/email address in the registration form the participant entitles APG Learning to send him/her promotional and transactional emails / sms / whatsapp / voice calls. If the participant does not wish to receive such communication, he/she may send an email to support@apglearning.inrequesting for non- subscription.
  12. All legal disputes are subjected to Pune Jurisdiction only.

I also hereby give my consent and acceptance for sending me the information regarding promotion, advertisement on progress of interested course/s on above mentioned contact details through SMS, E-mail or by post or by any other communication means.